About Us


Christlikeness Christian Network (CCN) was founded by Patrick O. Emmanuel, a young Christian who grew up in Nigeria-West Africa. A third world country blessed with natural resources and many talented people but Selfishness, Lawlessness and Greed is normal and success is all about how much wealth one can acquire, embezzle for self and own family by any/every means possible. This idea is embedded in the minds of the vast majority of the people and is a major part of a culture where the orientation/mindset of the vast majority is how to acquire wealth very quickly by any means possible regardless of Conscience, Morality, Values and Principles. Where Ruthlessness and Corruption takes hold and Success is Corrupt and Perverted.
An oil rich country where the people are smart and many talented but yet only a very small percentage of the people are rich,very rich and extremely rich and the vast majority is poor and extremely poor because opportunity is not widespread.
While about 55% of Nigeria's population claim to be Christian and Thurs attends church and tries to be sober on Sundays, their lifestyle does not reflect Christ on a daily basis and this is the same around the world. Growing up as a child, this Culture and Reality seemed normal. But something inside him thought otherwise. While he lived in this culture, it did not Corrupt his mind, Passion for Christ and what is right.

Growing up in Nigeria, Patrick O Emmanuel witnessed Islamic extremism and terrorism too often, where Muslim extremist terrorized Christians by intimidation, destroying and burning down churches, Christians were maimed often by cutting off hands, legs, tongs, eyes pulled off and many killed by burning alive, gun shots and butchered by machetes.
Today its a lot worse with groups like Boko Haram, Al-Qaida, Isis and many other Islamic terrorist group who more often commit the same or worse persecution and religious cleansing of Christians around the world.

In 2002 he migrated to the United States where he's practicing true Christianity as a lifestyle that glorifies God. He founded ChristLikeness Christian Network (CCN) in 2014 after going through years of training with the international Christian Brotherhood (ICB), a Christian organization that trains men in the likeness of Christ and believes that true Manhood is synonymous to ChristLikeness.
Patrick O Emmanuel always loved God through Christ, and this was the main motivation towards founding this Network but the immanence of extreme radical terrorist groups like Al-Qaida, Isis , Boko Haram and others also was a major factor.

Tens of thousands of Christians have being maimed, raped and slaughtered by these Terrorist groups in Nigeria, Irag, Syria, Yemen and many other countries. Worse yet they have publicly made known their intent to slaughter as many Christians any and everywhere possible.

These groups are a threat to civilization and to every Christian everywhere. We must do all we can to empower our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ who live in these counties/territories where these groups takes hold.

We must take care of our own. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. These atrocities may not be happening where you live but lets not turn a blind eye or our backs to our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in these regions. No matter how safe it may be where we live we all know that persecution of Christians happens somewhere in the world every minute, every hour, every day. As the body of Christ, the persecution of one is the persecution of all. It is therefore our responsibility as fellow Christians to protect, defend and empower our brothers and Sisters in Christ.
As Christians (followers of Jesus Christ) let us remember.....