Commit to pray

We become intimate to whom we pray, with whom we pray and for whom we pray. ROMANS 12 vs 12 reads... Be joyful in hope, patient in Affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lords people who are in need. Pratice hospitality.

Pray individually or in groups for Gods grace to be with persecuted Christian worldwide. May the power and grace of God abide with them even in the most difficult of circumstance. May they find hope, help in Christ. May his promise to those who love Him and are called to His purpose be fulfilled.

Pray for Gods mercy for those killed; May their Souls rest in perfect peace and may Gods grace of eternal life be theirs. Pray for their Families, the orphans, may they find grace to be patient in affliction; May God see them through this misery into a better life of divine peace, love and favor.

Pray that Christians worldwide see it as a duty to pray for and help elevate Christians persecuted any and everywhere. May our love for Christ and commitment to Christ steer our hearts forwards good in action.
May we show love, care, hope and hospitality to the body of Christ which we are part of. As one body, lets not seat idlely by and do nothing while members of our Christian family are being oppressed, suppressed, imprisoned, maimed, butchered and killed. Christians are being crucified. Children are being orphaned and forced to live horribly. Women are being enslaved sexually and many more unspeakable atrocities are happening to our beloved Christian family daily.

Let the Christ in us steer our hearts to action through prayers, volunteering, humanitarian works, using our resources, position, gifts, talent and abilities according to capacity to do all we can to help elevate fellow Christians facing persecution.