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Dr AR Bernard of the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, Ny USA once said... being biblical does not make one Christian... A Christian is a follower of Christ.

Attending Church does not make one Christian. A Christian is one who's committed to Christ in words, deeds and lifestyle. One whose mind has been renewed and transformed to be more like Christ. There's a saying that goes as follows... preach the gospel always, only when necessary use words.... Our words are only as valuable to the degree that our life reflects our message.

Commit to the idea of ChristLikeness by pledging or continuing to be a true Christian, that is... living a ChristLike life. Living a life that reflects the image and character of Christ. Adopting the belief that true Christianity is synonymous to ChristLikeness.


We become intimate to whom we pray, with whom we pray and for whom we pray. ROMANS 12 vs 12 reads... Be joyful in hope, patient in Affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lords people who are in need. Pratice hospitality.

Pray individually or in groups of two or more for Gods grace to be with Christians worldwide being persecuted. That the power and grace of God abide with them, even in the most difficult of circumstances. May they find hope and be joyful in hope believing in God and His promise to those who love Him and are called to His purpose.

Pray for Gods mercy for those killed, May their Souls rest in peace and may the grace of eternal life be theirs. Pray for their Families, May they find grace to be patient in affliction, may God see them through this misery into a better life of divine peace, love and favor.

Pray that Christians worldwide see it as their duty to pray for and help our brothers and sisters being persecuted right now in many countries, May our Commitment to Christ steer our hearts forwards good. May we show hospitality to the body of Christ which we are part of, as one body, lets not seat idlely by and do nothing while parts of the same body we are a part of are being butchered, maimed and killed. Christians are being killed. Children are being orphaned. women are being enslaved sexually and many more unspeakable atrocities are happening to our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ daily.

Let the Christ in us steer our hearts to action by prayers and to do all we can to help and show hospitality to our fellow Christians, members of the same body we are a part of.


We do need volunteers to give helping hands in the advancement of Gods kingdom. If you wish to volunteer as a frontline , crusade or social services worker please send us an email on our contact with your name, city, state, Country , location/region where you are able volunteer and in what areas you are willing to volunteer. Tell us about your gifts, talent and abilities so we can better place you and tap into your God given potential.
If/when you need help in your area we will contact you. Thank you for being willing to do your part.


Our work is supported by the generous giving of our members, friends, partners and good hearted individuals who finds it in their heart to support the most noble of all causes, the Salvation of many. The empowerment of the persecuted. The advancement of God's kingdom. A more perfect world. Fellowship and the quest for truth, wisdom, empathy, Love, Compassion.

Do your part and believe....

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