In some parts of the world, Pastors, Ministers, Evangelist, Preachers and Christian Leaders have been killed for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many more Christians killed just for being Christians.

The same is true in Nigeria-West Africa where many Pastors, Ministers, Evangelist, Preachers and Christian Leaders have been killed for preaching Christ. Thousands more killed for just being Christians. In 2015 over 2000 Christians were killed in Nigeria alone; this makes about 62% of all Christians killed in persecution worldwide.

Mrs Eunice Elisha unfortunately is only one of many Martyred for Christ. She was a Christian Evangelist who loves Christ and passionately preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her husband is also a preacher and they lived in Kubwa,-Abuja,-Nigeria with seven children.

She was known to walk around her neighborhood with her bible and a microphone preaching Christ early most mornings. Two sons amongst her seven children went for football practice about same time their Mom goes preaching.

On the morning of July 9th 2016, her two boys were practicing football when they heard people saying a woman was killed about 300yards away, they rushed home and told their Dad who repeatedly called his wife's cell phone but no response. They walked towards the said location where the woman was killed but the body had been removed. As they walked, they noticed being gestured by people and they knew something was wrong.

The approached a police officer at the scene who confirmed a preacher woman was killed and referred them to a police station where they identified her body. Needless to say... they were overwhelmed with inconsolable grief.

Mrs Eunice Elisha was butchered several times with machetes. Her murderers carefully laid her head on the bible and microphone with which she preached for 16yrs as she laid dead.

As earlier stated this is unfortunately only one of many Pastors, Ministers, Evangelist, Preacher or Christian Leaders martyred for Christ.

It's part of our mission at Christlikeness Christian Network to preserve the legacy of these brave leaders.

often when Christian leaders are killed, their families are left with little or no means of support. It's our mission to raise funds and provide immediate support to their Families and other Christians persecuted for Christ. This can include living expenses, relocation, educational and vocational training.