Many Christians in continental America, Europe , Australia and other places do not quite understand or fully grasp persecution of Christians. We sometimes take for granted being able to freely worship God without facing persecution. This truly is a gift.
Many fellow Christians endure and continue to face the risk of being beaten, imprisoned, maimed and even killed for worshiping God through Christ the same way we do or for just being Christians.

85% of all religious persecution are committed against Christians. This fact is often under reported. Christians are being oppressed/suppressed, imprisoned, beaten, raped, enslaved, murdered and even crucified every single day somewhere in the world especially in hostile countries in Africa, Middle Eastern Countries, India, North Korea, China etc.. some worse than others.
In some regions persecution of Christians is becoming the norm. This is absolutely unacceptable.
Fellow Christians and all people of good will must by prayers and action do all we can to help end all religious persecution. We can not seat idly by and do nothing.
Everyone can do something. Everyone can pray. Everyone can volunteer. Everyone has something to give according to Capacity no matter how little or great.

While there's likely always going to be evil in the world,... the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.