Nigeria, a west African country with a population of about 170million people which make up about a fifth of the entire black race.

Very diverse country with many tribes, languages and traditions. Religiously mainly Christians and Muslims. Majority of Christians resides in the southern parts and majority of Muslims resides in the northern parts.
While religious tension goes far into the country's history, the emergence of Islamic extremist groups like Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and others has dramatically increased tension.

In recent years there've been thousands of Christian persecution killings and hundreds of church attacks. However 2015 alone had an alarming 62% increase from a year before with over 4000 killings and about 200 church attacks just in Nigeria alone according to records.
Many Christians forced to flee as unspeakable violence tires down their communities.
While these Islamic extremist groups has vowed that the worse is yet to come, an estimated 30million Christians resides in northern Nigeria as the largest minority group in mainly Muslim environment. They are at risk of violent persecution. For decades Christians in the region as suffered marginalization, discrimination and targeted violence.

Christlikeness Christian Network works to help these Christians fund development projects such as churches, homes, schools, vocational training, trauma counsel, emergency relief, humanitarian support, financial grants and micro loans for organs and widows of Christian martyrs.
Please support our efforts as a matter urgency and please keep this nation in prayers as violence persecution of Christians reaches an unprecedented level.